Laptop Repair

Problem: Laptop hangs at start up, system shutdown automatically
First Solution: Cleaning of Internal System

Before you start the dis-assembly, it is recommended that you read the manufacturer's service manual. The service manual will help you identify the positions of screws and clips you need to remove.

Detached the keyboard so you will see all the screws attached in the motherboard.

This screws are attached to the motherboard

Detached all the flex and connector and remove all screws attached in the motherboard.

This flex must be remove

Detached the power connector which lead to Charging port

Clean the front cover with brush and lint-free cloth

Remove the motherboard from the casing.

Too much dust residing in the system fan.

The system fan is covered with dust.

Clean this with paint brush to remove the dust

Hot air coming from heat sink will never go out of the system because of these dust that is why the system will automatically shutdown.

So Clean this using brush or pc vacuum if you have one.

Clean also the system case and remove the dust on it.

You can use lint-free cloth, toothbrush and laquer thinnner for dirt that cannot be easily removed by brush.

Now its pretty clean and looks new again

Do not forget to remove the old thermal paste from the heat sink

Clean the old thermal paste on CPU using lint-free cloth

Apply a new thermal grease on the processor and new thermal pad on the chipset.

Install the heat sink properly.

Make sure that the all the flex are in correct position before attaching it again to the system,

Make sure all the screws are not to tight and all screws are back into its correct positions.

Now you can now attach the keyboard back.

Overheating issue is now solved. System do not automatically shutdown and does not hang anymore.

Well its a success for today.


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