Computer Maintenance TIPS

My mission is to provide good computer hardware and servicing tutorial. At first I was thinking of a website that would promote my services as a techie guy, but I came up into a website that would help my students to develop their skills in computer hardware and servicing. On this website, You could find tutorials in any topics relating to computers. These computer tutorials are mostly added with screen shots or videos so you could understand it more clearly. Some of the topics are about computer diagnosing, troubleshooting and repair, virus removal, operating system re-installations or full system restoration, small wireless network setup, web site design and others.
Personal computer Preventive Maintenance Tips
Most of the computer "user" ignore what I always emphasize to them whenever I have the chance to talk on them about maintaning their computers good performance. The result is their computers did not reach its maximum life span. Here are some of the benefits you could get if you will apply good PC preventive maintenance.
  • PC Preventive Maintenance Saves your Money: How much you will spend to pay for the computer technician fee if you always experience problems in your computer and you can not do anything about it?. You could save money if you can prolong your computer's life span or its good performance.
  • Preventive Maintenance Saves your Time: Yes PC maintenance will consume time. It might take a minute, but is it a waste of time if this is the only way to saves you for a much bigger problems of dealing with system failures and data loss which might take hours?.
  • Preventive Maintenance Helps Protect Your Data: We care most on our data other than the computer components. If you know how to apply pc preventive maintenance, you could save and prevent your data from being loss or damage.
  • Preventive Maintenance Improves your computer's Performance: Most of the time, computer user complain about their computer's speed performance. At first it was running smooth and fast, until suddenly it hungs after a few days or a month. This is because they dont callibrate their pc performance. It is similar to a vehicle that you need to calibrate in order to maintain its good performance.
I found out that all types of anti-virus like Avira, AVG, Kaspersky, Norton, ESET, Avast, Comodo and etc, slows Windows down and that is a fact. Yes of course, Windows users needs an antivirus to protect their computer from most viruses that are spreading through network, internet and USB flash drives. Without an antivirus, their computer can get infected by virus, spyware, trojan, worms, bots very easily and quickly if they have not much knowledge in computers. I know the importance of an antivirus software, I but I bet to disagree if someone will install a very high antivirus on my computers because of one simple reason. It will Slow down my computer performance. I did’nt said that there is no need to use an antivirus, in fact, I am using an AVG free edition, no need for me to use PRO edition or those antirus with a lot of features and capabilities, instead I just practice what is needed for my computer-Weekly Computer maintenance and backup solution. This two practices on your computer will save your time money and effort.

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