How to Install Processor (CPU)

CPU OR CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT –often define as the brain of computer and the most critical component of a system unit. CPU is responsible for the speed of performance of your computer. A slow processor will always result in a slow computer.

A computer technician must have a wide experience and knowledge about processors. Knowledge about compatible processor for a specific motherboard is very helpful in a computer technician. Here is a simple steps on how to get compatible processor for a specific motherboard.

There are two major manufacturer of personal computer processor:
Knowledge about a PROCESSOR manufacturers and its model name will give a computer technician an information on what motherboard it should be installed.

Step 1: The motherboard manual will give you details about the compatible CPU for the motherboard.

Method 2: Get the motherboard specification (Manufacturer and Model Name). Motherboard manufacturer and model name can be found at the motherboard box.

You can also get the motherboard specification (Manufacturer and Model Name) using the motherboard manual. 

Most of the motherboard also have label or sticker attached to it containing about the Manufacturer Name and Model name. 

After getting the motherboard manufacturer and model name, access the official website of the motherboard and look for the correct specification of CPU  of the system board you have in hand. 

Installing PGA Processor
1.       Match the pins of the CPU to the holes of the CPU support.
2.       Match the shape formed by the holes from the CPU support to the CPU. This will be one of your guide in installing the CPU
3.       Position the CPU making sure that all pins will be inserted inside the holes.
4.       Do not push or force the CPU while inserting all pins on holes. Pins will be inserted smoothly if you position it correctly.
5.       Secure the CPU by clipping the CPU using the CPU lever lock.
6.       Install the Heatsink and plug the CPU power connector to the motherboard CPU power controller (Refer to your CPU motherboard manual for this.

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