Grading Sheet for teachers

Electronic Class Record Tutorial with FREE SAMPLE

We used electronic grading sheet (ECR) as our grading sheet in our class. It is better than the traditional grading sheet because there is no need for you to write down the names of your students and think of  who should be the first student and who should be the last.

Using the Sort Ascending /Sort Descending order feature, you could arrange the names of your students easily.

Using this ECR, names could be arrange alphabetically in just one click. Percentage per category and computations of scores per category is also done in just one click.

The total Grade should also be calculated once you finished entering all scores needed. It is really a big help!.

You can download the ECR here

Note: Remember to back up your ECR to other locations like other computer or external storage device so in case of viruses or your computer failed you have a back up. Most of us ignore the importance of backing up our important files that is why they were disappointed after loosing the file which is also they fault.

 How to create simple addition formula in Excel - A guide for teachers

Step 1. 
Select the cell address where you want to put the total scores of your students. Then type = SUM( ). Between the round bracket ( ) you type the cell containing all the values you want too add. Look below. The Formula in this example should be like this =SUM(F19:G19). This means the value inside cell F19 up to G19 should be added. It could be also written on this way =F19+G19. 

  Step 2

Step 3


Step 6

If the values are located in 3 or more cell addresses, you can use a FUNCTION like SUM to easily add those values. Like the example here below

Ok, now just select and drag the cell address where you create the formula downward so all cell address on that column should have a formula same with the first one.

Below is another example. As you see, the formula in this example uses the Function Sum. Functions are pre-defined formulas in excel. There are lot of Functions available in excel. You could find it when you click the Function button beside formula bar. 
Now let us compute the Rating of our students score. Below example, the Rating is located at column AX. In this case the Rating of the student score is computed as Student Score divided by Total Score multiply by 100. or

Note : Formulas on this example might not be applicable on your classroom settings You could create your own that might suite to your students. 

Locking a cell address to make it constant is important so when you copy the formulas on other cell address. It will not be adjusted. 

And Here is the formula to compute the Weight Percentage of the student rating. Just simply multiply the Rating to the Weight Percentage assigned for this category. In This Case, Performance is 25% so the formula will be like this 
=Rating X Weight Percentage
The Rating of the First Student is 95 so the formula could be 
=95 X 25%
let us create the formula. The value 95 is located at cell AX82 
Note: One Good thing in excel is you could type the constant 25% as is. The formula knows automatically that it is .25 

You can create another column for other category like Quizzes, Project and Periodical Test. At the end of your worksheet, a column where you will add all the Weight Percentage on all category. 

Here are final Electronic Class Record Sample for TLE - Grade 7 

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