Use DirectxDiagnostic Tool to diagnose your computer

Diagnostics is done by a computer technician to test a computer hardware or software to make sure that it is working as it should be. It is important to test the hardware and software are installed.

To measure the computer hardware and software performance, a benchmark is done.  Benchmark is a type of test where results are used to compare how well a product may do against other products. The higher the value of the results, the faster the component, software, or overall computer is.

A diagnostic program is a program created used to give technical information about a particular hardware device, this program is  designed to diagnose the peripheral.

Before you proceed on diagnostic tool try to look on your device manager if all devices like video, audio, Ethernet, modem, internal webcam, bluetooth and other devices on your computer motherboard are working properly. An X symbol means the device is disabled so just enable it. An ! exclamation point sysmbol means the device software is not yet installed.

Example of Diagnostic program 

In Windows operating system we could use the following programs; 

1. DirectX Diagnostic tool

dxdiag is a shortcut for DirectX diagnostics, DxDiag is a Microsoft tool included with DirectX that allow a computer technician to view system information and DirectX information relating to your video card and sound card. and other peripheral devices. This tool is also used to troubleshoot driver related issue problems. 

To run DxDiag on your computer, click Start, and in the run line, type dxdiag and press enter.
MS Windos 7 RUN

MS Windows XP RUN

Using this diagnostic tool, computer user can see if the problem is video or sound driver. Most of the problem relating to hardware is the incorrect installation of device driver or software. So in order to test if there is a problem in video for example, just access the video tab and use the the Test DirectDraw button and Test Direct3d button.

It will remind you that it will test DirectDraw on this device. Just click Yes to proceed. Make sure no other programs are running on your computer.

It will remind you that it will show some figures or graphics to test your device.

Below is the sample output, this image will last for seconds so just wait till a dialog box appear. 

It will also test the simple animation on your video, below is the output you will see where a white box is bouncing inside the small black screen.

Then it will ask you if you see a bouncing white box, so if you really see it. Click Yes, if not, the diagnostic tool will record it as an error then that is the problem that you need to resolve. Probably you will start on reinstallation of your device driver.

 You could also use the sound diagnostic tool. Like the video, A sounds will should be hear on your speaker so make sure to plug a working speaker properly on your  computer.

After the sound, if you really hear the output sound, just click yes to proceed. if not, there is a problem in your device so make a double check on your sound driver, adjustment of volume and output device.


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