Know the Fn key function on your Laptop Keypad!

Most Laptop and Mini-laptop computer have the Fn key or function key on their keypad. This key is usually located below the keypad, beside Ctrl Key. It is usually used primarily to activate special laptop function together with other keys marked by special icons and are color coded. Below is the Fn Key between Ctrl and Windows Logo key.

The image below is the key used to combine to adjust the laptop internal speaker volume up and down.

Aside from quick volume adjustment, combining Fn keys to some color coded keys will do the following:

  1. Mute the laptop's internal speaker
  2. Enable or Disable WIFI
  3. Enable or Disable Touchpad 
  4. Activate an external monitor for giving a presentation
  5. Activate Stand By mode
  6. Hibernate the laptop
  7. Eject a CD/DVD
  8. Lock the keyboard
  9. Increase or decrease the monitor's brightness or contrast
  10. Enable Number Pad so you don't need to buy a usb numpad just combine the Fn key and the numlock key so the numbers arranged just like a numpad will be enable. 

So why not look at your laptop keypad closely so you will notice and apply it the next time you need it.  


  1. That is really nice information for the beginners of laptop.
    As most of the beginners do not know the use of function(fn) key.

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