Common cause of Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)

What is Blue Screen of Death? 

Blue Screen of Death or BSOD for short is also known as a bluescreen because of a full blue screen generated by Microsoft Windows Operating System. 

What are the cause of Blue Screen of Death and how to Fix it? 

BSOD in computers might be a cause of Hardware or Software issue. Here are some of the cause of blue screen of death. 

1. Outdated, incorrect or corrupt drivers is one reason why the system encounter a STOP error, resulting in the BSOD. So to prevent this, try to re-install and update your system’s device drivers. Having the correct drivers ensure that all bugs are fixed and that all hardware has the correct driver.

2. Incorrect configuration of BIOS / BIOS failure. This is because of Windows update, installation of new hardware, overclocking, or you just  change  your systems configuration incorrectly. So simply load the default Bios settings. You could also reset the BIOS,  this way will result in a safe configuration to be used for your motherboard, CPU and memory. Bios may fail too due to overheating, over use or obsolete. 

3. Memory failure can easily cause blue screen errors, this is because of loose contacts of memory card to the slots of motherboard due to dust, or more often, defective RAM module. Cleaning the memory interface and memory slots could be one solution. Swapping other compatible memory is another options.  

4. Video Card Failure. Video card adapter can be a cause of BSOD if improperly installed in AGP or PCI-e Slot. Conflict in video card adapter drivers may cause blue screen, and overheating due to dust or the thermal paste in its heat-sink is already dry. 

4. Bad sectors in HDD. Bad sectors in Hard Disk Drive is either caused by bad or corrupted software or simply a failing hard disk drive and this is one reason why system encounter BSOD. We always recommend  a system restoration to verify without doubt that this is not a software issue. If after re-installing Windows, and updating it with all the latest updates, you continue to get this error we suggest swapping other compatible hard disk drive.