Creating Disc image file with Nero

Most of my students always ask me how they could back up their installation disc. I recommended them to use Nero or any ISO converter so they could create an image file of their installers and other important files. An CD image file usually have a filename extension .iso, .nrg, .tib depending upon the software you use to create the image file.In this tutorial Nero burning software is used to create a backup image. Follow these steps:
1. Insert your Installation disc on your optical drive (DVD-RW Drive is recommended).
2. Start Nero and Select the type of disc. You could see it at the top. (See below)
3. Click Copy CD

4. Make sure you selected the current optical drive where you inserted the disc.

4.Then On the Destination drive, select Image recorder. This will allow you to save the burn files into your computer.

5. Click Copy to continue.

6. Then a dialog box should pop up, select a path where you want to save the image file then click save.

7. A message appear showing a successful copying. Click OK to continue.

8. There you go! You have now created a backup image file of your installation disc. Anytime you need it, just burn it back to a blank disc, preferably CD-R or DVD+R.

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