Advocating Free and Open Source Software

After the Linux Ubuntu, I accidentally found out that there is a Linux based Operating System made by our Fellowmen. The Bayanihan Linux. I immediately downloaded the Image File on their website - http://www.bayanihan.gov.ph/. Bayanihan Linux is the product of collaborations and cooperative work of talented IT Pinoys. If you want to know more how this O.S., visit their website here - http://www.bayanihan.gov.ph/index.php/about-us/the-project

Free and Open Source Software, also known as FOSS, is a good alternative to other Commercial Software especially to schools offering Computer Education Class who cannot afford to buy too expensive softwares. Using FOSS in classroom instructions is not different from other commercial softwares. So in order for my students and other computer users understand more about FOSS, I made a simple tutorials in O.S. Installations (Linux Bayanihan), and Applications Software reviews. 

Installing Linux Bayanihan


1. Access the BIOS and set the boot sequence correctly. If you are using Internal Optical Drive, Then the boot sequence must be like this

First Boot:       CD/DVD Drive
Second Boot:   HDD

Save and restart the computer. The first screen that will appear on you screen should be like the one below. Select the Graphical Install Option then press enter. 

2. after pressing enter the screen below should appear. Just wait here until the next screen appear.

3. The next screen tells you that the setup is automatically detecting network hardware.

4. Enter what domain this computer belongs. then click Continue.

5. The setup now detect the hard disk drive and other hardware.

6. On the Partitioning Option, decide if you need another partition or not. Here, I used the entire disk as an allocation for the OS and other application softwares.

7. Select the HDD where you want to install the OS then click continue.

8. On the Partition disk option, I choose the first option: All files in one partition  because this is the first time we will install this OS.

9. Then choose finish partitioning and write changes to disk and click continue.

10. Select Yes if the setup ask you about the changes that will happen on your computer.

12.Enter a password for the administrator account, then click continue.

13. Set up your username. Make sure you will not forger this then click continue.

14. Type the password for the username you created, then click continue.

15. After the username and password have been created, the setup will continue install the base system. Just wait until the next screen appear.

16. Then the Installing software will proceed.

17. Choose Install Grub boot loader if there are no other Operating System installed on your computer then click the continue button

18. The installing grub boot loader scree appear.

19. When you see the Installation Complete message, click continue so the Linux Bayanihan will load its desktop.

20. The Linux Bayanihan Boot Loading Screen.


1. I-download muna ang virtual box sa kanilang website. Huwag kayo mag alala, libre ito at walang bayad. Ito ang kanilang eksaktong website - https://www.virtualbox.org/

Click download then select Virtualbox for VirtualBox 4.3.12 for Windows hosts x86/amd64

2. Pagkatapos mo ma download ang file, pwede mo na ito i run.


  1. I am using Bayanihan for a month now and until now i can't figure out how to update the firefox so as the flash player. i tried from tar to apt-get to dpkg to yum nothin really happens.... i am also trying to install mkahawa for a month now with no success at all... do you have knowledge on how to install this stuff? kernel is old. it seems that bayanihan just stop there an puff suddenly time stops...