Installing Windows

System Restoration is a feature that allows users to restore their computers to a previous state. Before performing a system restoration, users need to backup first their important files and proceed on the system restoration process. Different computers requires different Operating system. To easily understand how to reformat and reinstall a new Operating System on a computer, I prepared a quick guide here. Please feel free to comment about these presentations.

Installing Windows 2000 on your computer:

Note: You need to configure first the following on the BIOS settings before you could start in this process.

What you need:

  • Windows Bootable disk or Bootable flash drive containing the OS.
  • Spare time.
Before you start:

1. Access the BIOS of your computer.
2. Check if Hard Disk Drive is present and check your computer specification to make sure that the OS will be suited.
3. Set the Boot sequence in this order:

  • First Boot Device: CD or DVD ROM
  • Second Boot Device: Hard Disk Drive
4. Place the Bootable OS disk inside the optical drive.
5. Save and restart the computer

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